Air Filter Monitor Setup with EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 for Gen 4 Duramax L5P

Hey, guys. Back here in the Gen 4 Duramax. Today, we're going to be going over another vehicle function. I'm going to go ahead and launch into our vehicle, our  Auto Agent is connected. We see that we're connected. If this ever says that you're not connected, you need to make sure that you're connected to the WiFi or via USB. We go into functions here on this Gen four Duramax.

We've got an air filter monitor set up. You're going to use that if you want to reset your air filter. If you buy a new air filter and your system was saying that you were down to 10% or whatever. We can go in and reset that. If you get an aftermarket exhaust. You also have the ability to disable.

So, we're just going to reset it, submit. And it's telling us that the air filter has been reprogramed so then we won't get that annoying message on the dash that says that we need to check our air filter monitoring system. 

Thanks, guys, for checking us out. Check back with us for more vehicle functions. As always, thanks for watching.