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Requires Android 6.0+

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Auto Agent 3

Fleet Management

Fleet Manager Web Service

Manage Drivers, Vehicles, Driver Logs, IFTA, Fuel Purchases, Bulk Fuel, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

and more, in one convenient, cloud based solution from anywhere, on any connected device.

IFTA Fuel Tax Tracking

& Reporting

Streamline IFTA Tracking and Reporting for Your Entire Fleet

Bulk Fuel

Track Bulk Fuel Inventory real time.
Document Fuel Purchases one at a time, or in bulk with ease.
Record Taxable / Tax-exempt Purchases and Withdrawals.
Manage Fuel Removal by Driver and Vehicle.
Record keeping is a breeze and secure with EZ LYNK’s Cloud-based storage.
Track inventory on up to 14 different fuel types.

Driver Vehicle 

Inspection Reports

Facilitate the submission and management of daily vehicle inspection reports for your drivers

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