Arctic Cat and Power Injection Cables with EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3

Hey, everybody. Bobby here with EZ LYNK. I wanted to go over a few things on the Arctic Cat side of things here, for everybody. 

When you go to do flashing for your Arctic Cat, just basic things that you're going to need, so for starters, obviously your Auto Agent. And then with the Arctic cats, we have our power injection block right here. Nice over molded piece. And then you'll need the cable to adapt it from the auto agent to the diagnostic port on the sled. So you'll just plug these guys in line with each other, plug in your auto agent, and then connect to a 12 volt power source with the included alligator clips. Pretty universal set up there. Open up your app and you're good to go for your cat.

So check us out for more stuff coming and see you on the snow.