Crank Shaft Relearn with EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 for Gen 4 Duramax L5P. Tutorial for Technicians

Hey guys, back here in the Gen 4 Duramax, we're going to go over another vehicle function. This one's a little more complex. This would be more for your technicians or shops that are working on a vehicle and get your Auto Agent connected.

So, go into functions here. We're going to do the Crankshaft Relearn. So if you have to replace that sensor, if you're replacing AQ, the batteries get disconnected for too long. Anything like that that, you're getting an error code that needs to be relearned or reset. We're going to go in and run that. So read through the instructions before you proceed.

Get your vehicle into a safe place because you're going to need to run the vehicle and then follow the steps on the screen. Okay. Again, make sure that you're in a safe environment. And if we're following along with these steps, we need to have started the engine, make sure that we've gotten to 158 degrees or higher. We're going to turn the engine off for 10 seconds. Wait. We're going to start the engine back up. We're going to apply the parking brake. We continue. It's going to tell us that we need to begin revving the engine until the fuel cutoff goes into effect. The fuel cut off happens when we've got the throttle in the wide open position. The fuel throttle or the cut off will automatically decrease the RPM. When that happens, we're going to release the throttle. So we begin. 

We've got that crankshaft relearned is finished, so we're going to exit there, going to go back into our main menu, go to the DTCs. If we've got that crankshaft position code, we're going to clear those codes. And our check engine light has gone away.

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