EZ LYNK Quickstart Guide for ELD

Hey, guys. Thank you for purchasing the Auto Agent 3. I'm going to give you a quick overview on some of the changes we've made and also how to install it.

Going back to the auto agent two. You can see some of the main differences are going to be the size. It comes with a built in OBD two connection, so there isn't the need for additional cables. You can connect it directly to your vehicle's OBD two port. We still have a micro SD card slot which is typically used for support functions. We also have a Usb-C port right on the side.

For EZ LYNK ELD installation, which is electronic logging device used on commercial motor vehicles. First step, we need to go to cloud dot EZ LYNK dot com, set up your fleet manager account. Create a log in and password. You can go to your mobile device and you're going to search in the app store for EZ LYNK ELD, you're going to download that. Once you've downloaded that, we're going to find our diagnostic connection on our vehicle. The majority of heavy duty trucks use either a six pin or a nine pin or nine pin works on both green and black. Some commercial vehicles use the standard OBD two connection. So you're just going to be able to use that directly through the Auto Agent three.

So after we've located our diagnostic port and plugged that in, we're going to turn the vehicle on, go to the mobile device and go to your ELD app that you just downloaded. You're going to use the login info that you set up on the fleet manager side. We're going to search for the Wi-Fi settings in our mobile device.

The Wi-Fi that's broadcast from the auto agent's name will be EZ LYNK underscore and then the serial number from your auto agent. It's not a hotspot. It's a connection between the auto agent and the mobile device. Once you connect to your device, you're going to be prompted that there is no Internet connection on this Wi-Fi. Do you want to connect all the time? If you do that, you'll auto connect. It's probably a good idea with ELD to check that. You'll also need to go into the location settings and select track all the time.

If you're looking for a safe and secure mounting solution, check out our EZ LYNK phone mount, link in the description. For a step by step tutorial on ELD, click on the link below.

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