How to Set Tire Pressure Monitoring System with EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 for Gen 4 Duramax L5P

Hey, guys, I'm sure you've already picked up an Auto Agent or are looking to pick one up. I'm going to go over some really useful functions that you can do on the Gen 4 Duramax.

So let's jump to it. Okay, guys, in order to perform any of the vehicle functions or first going to need an auto agent, and then we're going to need a smart device. Today we're going to be using our factory infotainment screen. There's a device that will put Android onto your factory infotainment screen. So we're going to turn the vehicle on.

If you've got the push button start, on your Gen 4 Duramax. You need to push and hold that button for about 10 seconds. Now you see the accessory mode. Come on. Once that accessory mode comes on, our infotainment screen is going to launch. Once we've got the device launched, we're going to go into our auto agent app that we've installed from the play store. You need to make sure that whenever you're using any smart device, you connect to the vehicle Wi-Fi or you use a USB connection if you have an Android device.

So, we've got Wi-Fi connected. First off, we're going to go into the vehicle and see here that we're connected to our 2021 L5P.  We're going to go into functions. This is where all of the vehicle functions are going to be displayed. So the one we're going over today is setting the tire pressure monitoring system.

The reason that you'd want to change any of that if you're not running a heavy load. You want to have a little bit smoother ride. We can take that TPMs from that 65 PSI down to 45. So we're going to go into there. We're going to run that function. We can see here that the current TPMs is set to 65, so we can change each of these individually. We could have the the back with the higher side of the front with the lower. Or we could put them the same. Today we're going to set these both to 45. 

We're going to submit the tire pressure system has been reprogramed. We can test it by running that same function again. And here it's going to show us that our current TPMs settings are 45 and 45.

So, that's how we reset the tire pressure monitoring system. Stay tuned for more vehicle functions.