Introduction to the EZ LYNK Auto Agent

Do you ever wish your car could talk?

It would certainly make things easier. Or you could just keep a mechanic with you in case something goes wrong. Yeah, that's frowned upon. We tried to think of solutions for this, but your mechanic usually needs to connect some test equipment to your vehicle to diagnose the problem.

And how often are you, your car, your mechanic, and his test equipment, are all in the same place when your car starts acting up Exactly. We created the EZ LYNK Auto Agent for those moments in between.

Now the mechanic can stay in his garage with all of his equipment and you can hit the road if disaster strikes. EZ LYNK's over the air diagnostics, connect you and your vehicle to your mechanic's test equipment. That's right. He can diagnose your car without you going anywhere.

Easy, convenient, affordable. EZ LYNK Auto Agent, the closest thing to traveling with a mechanic. Go to our website to learn more, today!