Skidoo Key Reprogramming with EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3

Hey, everybody. Bobby here from EZ LYNK. We got a new feature that we're releasing for you guys today. As you know, a few weeks ago, we released Exhaust Valve Relearn and Waste Gate Relearn for the Polaris Boost Models and the regular NA models. Well, this time it's for our SkiDoo customers. We can do key reprograming now for everybody with a Gen four, Gen five is on the way. Look for that shortly. But today it's gen four. Let me show you what you're going to need to do this.

So what we're going to need is your Auto Agent 3 or 2. If you have an Auto Agent two, just make sure you get the correct auto agent and the cable to go with that. We'll have our BRP cable adapter right here. This works for all BRP products UTV and snowmobile. And then we'll need the power injection block that we have here. Now, this includes the alligator clips to hook to a 12 volt power source to power the machine while we do this function. So let's get connected the machine real quick.

We got our 12 volt power source, our injection cable here, locate the diagnostic port right here, plug in the auto engine cable to the one side, plug it directly into your machine on the other side. It's that easy right there, machines powered up. We'll show you how this process works.

All right, everybody, we're connected to our machine. We'll show you how easy this is to do. So, first thing, open up your Auto Agent App, connect to the vehicle, which we are, and we're going to go into a pair of functions. Now functions, we can add a key, we can erase a key. We can do all of those. So what we're going to do because this key is already programed, just to show you, we're going to go ahead and erase this key and you're going to see it pop up on the dash here, go into the app, select, run on Erase Key, and you're going to get a wrong key deal pop up on the dash just like that. So just to show you, we can unplug the DESS, plug it back in, it's going to pop up wrong key. So now we've done that. Let's add a key. So we'll go back in here. Same spot vehicle functions. We're going to add a normal key. We're going to hit run and that's going to go away. It's going to add the key to the machine and we're good to go.

So it's that simple, super easy. You don't have to go to the dealer anymore to reprogram one of these. If you don't need to or you don't have a dealer. Close. Saves a weekend ride. If you're out, lose a key. Need to reprogram it and borrow one from a buddy, whatever it is. Save your ride, save your weekend. But anyway, look for more stuff coming out again. This is for Gen four today. We're working on Gen five. We'll have it released shortly. So keep an eye out for that. But thanks for checking us out with. Appreciate it, guys. And we'll see you on the Mountain.

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