Ford Superduty Functions Revealed with EZ LYNK

Discover The Hidden Functions within your Superduty with theAutoAgent 3

Hey, guys. John here with easy link. Today we're going to go over some of the functions on the 2022 super duty. The first thing we're going to need is our Auto Agent 3. We got our vehicle here, so let's get to work. To get started, we're going to take the Auto Agent 3. I'm using an Android phone, so I'm going to take the USB-C cable and plug it in to the port here on the Auto Agent 3 and plug it into my phone. I will locate the diagnostic port on the vehicle. Once I plug it in and launch the auto agent app, it will enter the vehicle and access its functions. And this is where we have our list of vehicle functions.

On the 2020 to 2022 super duty. We've got quite a few features. We've got gear ratio, auto re lock, calibrate, fuel tank volume, daytime running lamps, double honk without key, high beams and fogs, max vehicle speed, PCM relearn, reset TCM, secure idle, set tire pressure monitoring system, set tire size, stationary desoot/DPF regeneration, and TCM relearn. So today we're going to go through a few of these functions. Most of these are functions that you can have done at the dealership, but with the Auto Agent 3 you can do these at home

Superduty Fuel Tank Volume Recalibration

One of the popular ones, a lot of people will replace their fuel tank with a larger fuel tank. If we go to calibrate fuel tank volume, we're going to run that function. And then if we buy an aftermarket tank, it's going to give us a selection of what size fuel tank we have. So it goes anywhere from 25 gallons up to 68. So we're going to select that fuel tank volume. We can see up here at the top that it says that we have a 34 gallon tank selected. So we're going to submit for that 60 gallon, and that has recalibrated the fuel tank volume.

What that's going to do is that's going to change our DTE, (our destination to empty). So it's going to read the correct miles to empty on the gauge cluster.

Superduty Daytime Running Lamps.

Another popular one is daytime running lamps. So we can go in here, we see the different options. We can choose to have high beams, low beams, turn signals, fog lamps, or park lamps. I'm going to select my fog lamps, submit. And that enabled the fog lamps.

Max Vehicle Speed

Superduty Speed limiter Adjustment

Another popular one has been the max vehicle speed, so you can adjust the vehicle speed to be set to a limit. So if you're using the truck for work and you don't want any of your employees to go over 70, 75 miles an hour, 55, whatever it is, we can go in here. We select max vehicle speed, we hit run. It's going to tell us what the current vehicle speed limit is and then we can set that desired speed limit. So if we want to set that down to 75, hit submit, we'll hit exit and run again. We're going to see that that vehicle speed was set to 75 miles an hour.

Now for you, speed demons that want to set it up higher. Even if we set it to 100, the vehicle defaults to 94. So if we go in there, we can see that that and that's what it set out from the factory.

Superduty Tire Pressure Monitoring System Adjustment

Another popular one is the tire pressure monitoring system. So we've gone over this on other vehicles. But the main reason you want to do this, from the factory it comes set at 70 psi and 60 psi. That's for hauling heavy loads. But if we're not hauling heavy loads and we want to have a softer ride, we can drop that down to 50 psi and hit submit. That's not going to change the tire pressure itself. It's only going to allow us to drop that pressure without setting off our tire pressure system.

So we've run that function. It's going to show us that our current pressure is set to 50 we can do the same for the front. Set that pressure and you're going to hear chimes going off because the system is recalibrating every time you go in and set this. So now I'm going to go back in, and if you want to see if it worked, you hit run. Then we can see that I'm set to 50 PSI.

Superduty Tire Size Recalibrate

Another one is going to be setting the tire size. If you opt for aftermarket wheels and tires and you get bigger ones, you want your speedometer to read correctly. We go in here, we hit run. Currently, mine is set to 34.5. So if I wanted to go smaller, I could set that 31. That's going to change the tire size. I'll hit run again. See that it set that down to 31. Go set it back to 34.5. On this you'll notice it does give you the option to run these at 37 or 40 inch tires. But it says here it gives you a warning that DTC advanced track lights may be set. So you can set it to that your speedometer be right, but you may have some advanced track and DTC lights that come up on the dash.

Superduty Stationary Desoot/ DPF Regeneration

Another extremely popular one is the stationary desoot region. If you find yourself not being able to drive the vehicle because there's too much soot in the DPF, you can do a stationary region. You want to make sure that you follow all of the safety procedures. Your vehicle's outside in a well-ventilated area, not parked by anything. And you can run this. You'll follow the steps on the auto agent here and you can read through, see all of these things. It's important that you follow those to the tee for safety.

Superduty PCM & TCM Relearn

Sometimes changing the tire size is going to set off a check engine light. What you're going to have to do to fix that and it actually says it here in the tire size. If I go to run it, I'll actually tell me here in the tire size gives a warning and it walks you through the warning of what codes you're going to get. You can check those with the auto agent in the diagnostics section, and then you can do these TCM, or PCM reset. The TCM is going to be the transmission control module. The PCM is the power control module. What those are doing is they're seeking the data that you've just inputted.

So we're going to go ahead and we're going to do a PCM relearn now, run, continue and just follow the steps on the app. It'll walk you through. Tells me to switch off the ignition. Wait 5 seconds. PCM Relearn complete. So I'm going to turn back on the key and go back here and I'm going to do the TCM relearn and again, just follow the steps that are outlined on the auto aging app. Continue. Wait 3 seconds, switch the ignition off. Wait, 4 seconds, okay, TCM re learn complete.

So just to recap, guys, there's a ton of different functions that the auto agent does along with being able to do those vehicle functions.

You can monitor the PIDs that includes exhaust temperature, diesel, particulate filter. You can also monitor anything from speed to injection pressure, all kinds of stuff.

The other thing is we're always adding new vehicle functions. So make sure you check that often. And just remember, guys, the Auto Agent 3 works on multiple devices. So whatever you have in your fleet, your wife's car, your snowmobile, your side by side, your jet ski, you can go ahead and plug that in, and there should be at least some vehicle functions. They differ from vehicle to vehicle. So go ahead and check it out. Thanks for joining us, guys.

As always. Thanks for watching. Check out these videos and make sure to like, share, subscribe and hit that notification bell for more easily content. And we'll see you in the next one.

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